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It was a healing time for the Gangnam k-오피spa group.

In the meantime, I found Case Spa, and this is a Gangnam k-오피spa store that gives satisfaction to the point of being really steamed.


It is a place I want to visit again unconditionally as my body is relaxed and my mind is also refreshed.

It is also an excellent place for a date with a lover or friend, so I will visit with my boyfriend next time.

If you come out of Exit 6 of Apgujeong Rodeo Station, it is easy to find the store, and it is also excellent in location.

Parking is also available, so it is very convenient to visit.

They operate by reservation system, so I called ahead of time.

I looked up the reviews and it was full of good reviews, and I was already looking forward to it even before I received it because it was a store that many celebrities visit.

I came to visit on the day of my reservation, looking forward to what the hell it would be like.

From the moment I entered the store, I could feel the overwhelming popularity of the store.

I take off my mask outdoors and I’m not as sensitive to quarantine as I used to, but I think it’s still a sensitive time.

After hand sanitizing prepared at the entrance, we were allowed to enter.

The inside of Gangnam k-오피spa was very neat. It was a simple interior in white tones, and the soft lighting calmed the mind.

I was able to enjoy my leisure time after a long time because I liked the guidance of the kind teacher.

The products used in the store are displayed, so you can check which products are being used.

Out of curiosity, I searched for it and found out that it is a reliable product made from ingredients and good composition.

As the owner of sensitive skin, I was able to use it with confidence.

It was a place where I could feel that a lot of attention was paid to every nook and cranny of the air purifier that makes the air pleasant.

It must be a place where you can relax enough to be called a healing place in the heart of the city.

It was known as a shop specializing in therapy and skin and body, but after receiving Gangnam k-오피spa, I can see why it is called this.

Skilled professional managers calmed down uncomfortable corners. Thanks to this, I was able to relax my body and mind after a long time and feel at ease.

Lighting The lighting created the atmosphere so that it could be called a restaurant. Thanks to this, I was able to heal flowers properly.

I was escorted to the changing room, and here I changed into a robe.

It is a large size locker, so even a person with a lot of luggage was able to use it comfortably.

Important documents were still there, but I was able to use them with confidence.

In the changing room, all the products necessary for hair and face preparation were prepared along with a shower room.

After the k-오피spa, I did my makeup here as if nothing had happened.

I was able to get my hair straightened out and come out.

Even the soft towels were neat.

I was particularly concerned about the items that come into direct contact with the skin, but they are all neatly maintained, so I was able to use them without any worries.

As I entered the store, I wondered what was hanging on the wall, but I went to a foot bath and found out that all of them were signed by celebrities.

There are so many people who come here and get healed like me.

I found out that this place is so popular that so many people visit.

I got a foot bath by soaking my feet in warm water while looking at the sign frames to see who came.

I felt that my feet, which had been tense while wearing shoes, were relaxed.

Just by warming my feet, it felt like blood circulating to my head in an instant, and my body relaxed and I felt a little drowsy.

It was enough to warm up before full-scale care.

k-오피spa care system

I was taken to the management room to receive care.

There were a lot of places where I had a lot of pain, so I decided to cool down these areas first after consulting with the teacher.

The parts that were hard under the gentle handling of the teacher soon softened.

To be honest, I have experience receiving treatment several times while going to an esthetic, but there were times when I had to work hard for a few days because my muscles were rather aggravated if I got it wrong.

However, the Gangnam k-오피spa store here is made up of talented people, so they took good care not to overdo it. He gently massaged the lymph nodes, where toxins and waste products accumulate.

It was really amazing to see that even the muscles inside, which had been hardened under the delicate touch, began to soften.

I fell asleep without realizing it, but when I woke up from a deep sleep, it felt like a new world had opened.

​The atmosphere inside the room is so good that it seems natural to be relaxed.

I was satisfied with the interior and lighting that calmed the mind.

It was like the care I received after traveling abroad, and it was enough to change my mood.

​If a couple visits together, you can take a foot bath here, but I remembered what I got on a trip to Bali two years ago.

It’s been a long time since I went abroad, but I was able to enjoy the atmosphere after a long time. It seemed like a good place for a special date, so I introduced it to my friends.

It felt like all the props were prepared with great care, but these props made me feel more like I was on a trip. I felt good throughout the treatment.

It seemed to be getting both health and change of mood as the body was lightly refreshed.

All of these interior items were beautiful. We spent a happy time looking around as if we had come to play.

This is a post I wrote after visiting Gangnam k-오피spa a while ago, but writing this makes me want to go again.

When I want to feel relaxed and relieve fatigue, I think I will continue to visit this place.